Professional Services

First Circle offers a variety of professional services to highlight your opportunities.

Ecosystem Advocacy:

  1. Helping support the natural ecosystem through better integration of plant systems to support neighborhood revitalization and urban renewal;
  2. Creating pathways to thriving for social ecosystems through improved communication and process;
  3. Building community wealth through improved economic and financial opportunities often overlooked with traditional perspectives.

Operational Backbone: a variety of operational tasks to supplement in-house staff.

Facilitation & Training: being trained in numerous facilitation techniques allows flexibility and dexterity in meeting and training facilitation, both in-person and online.

Building a Local Living Economy: decades of participation in Community Economic Development, Asset Mapping, and Community Organizing provides a creative wellspring from which to draw ideas which generate opportunities and builds resilience.

Event Creation and Coordination: One-time events or a series, I’ve done it all. How can I help you support your community, staff and constituency and make it an experience they’ll never forget?

My unique combination of skills and life experience can adapt to almost any project you can imagine. I am ready and eager to support your unique needs. Please get in touch!