Sociocracy is an inclusive decision-making process that provides safe and efficient space for everyone to be heard. It works most quickly when the power behind the power in the organization gets on board. It is a system that encourages Accountability and eliminates blame, which encourages stakeholders at every level to offer insights and creativity they usually don’t feel invited to offer.

Incorporating sociocracy begins with understanding what is happening inside each of us, in our first circle. It is the inspiration for my company name. Sociocracy helps us understand how important it is to communicate when something doesn’t feel right to us, whether it is the temperature in the room, or watching someone being ignored. I truly believe sociocracy is the secret to World Peace. I thank Gerard Endenberg for creating it, and my friends John Buck and Sharon Villeins for writing We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, one of the books that changed my life.