First Circle Coaching

It all starts with the First Circle. We are conditioned since early days to consider what others value as more important than how we are feeling, and what makes us unique. It is our differences, especially our imperfections, which make us who we are.

As we become intimate with our core being, we begin to identify the daily experiences and interactions which are truly about us and what we value. We let go of those which belong to others. This self-intimacy and forgiveness for our imperfections nurtures a self-confidence and calmness of being, which allows us to move more peacefully through life, adding lightness and presence.



Working with Cimbria was a lesson in learning how to slow down and be more present in my own life. She has a gift for using questions that consistently felt like they naturally took me in the direction I was always meant to go. Every conversation with Cimbria is about self-discovery which I absolutely loved! She has a gentle way of peeling back the layers to help you reveal your true self. I came away with a much clearer vision of self-purpose and I felt empowered and confident in my abilities to get myself where I wanted to be. She is a professional in every way and I highly recommend her! –NC

“Cimbria has a refreshing ability to really listen to the people she speaks with.  She is honest, intuitive, and genuinely cares for the success of others.  I can always count on feeling a bit more enlightened after my time with Cimbria.” –RB



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