When used as a noun, the word “yield”  generally means the full amount of an agricultural or industrial product. I expand that term to include whatever is valued as an outcome of a system.

The yields resulting from a farmers market include the qualitative benefits which come from artists, farmers, musicians, and foodies gathering in a local space on a regular basis, sharing ideas, ingredients, and friendship. 

The yields arising from sociocratic decision-making include an efficient organization, as well as the soft benefits of trust, transparency, and fun. 

Including measures of accountability in a bidding process for urban renewal or land development generate reduced confusion and wasted effort, increase clarity in communication and a diverse selection of bidders. Knowing what is expected is very attractive, and promotes bids that are more realistic and accurate.

My aim is to guide you in understanding what kinds of yields are possible, whether it be a healthy and dynamic space, thriving stakeholders, happy clients or employees who feel valued.